By Jack Hudson
Jack Hudson grew up during the Depression on a cotton farm in an isolated community in West Tennessee where blacks and whites lived, worked and socialized together. Like other white boys in the rural South, Hudson’s best boyhood friend was black.  Much of the book recounts their times together, such as when they caught a giant catfish and struggled to bring it home, or the time they helped the men at a community fish fry. Fishin’, Fightin’, Feedin’, & Farmin’ is written in a simple folk style; you can hear Jack Hudson speak to you. It’s an important first-hand account of a way of life long gone.
96 pp. paper

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by Rod Haynes

ROGUES ISLAND MEMOIR is a gripping, coming-of-age tale set in the authors’ home farm village of Limerock, Rhode Island in the 1960s. Seemingly safe from the social unrest, urban chaos, and unpopular war traumatizing the rest of America, the death of the authors’ fourteen-year-old sister in September 1968 leaves his family in shambles. Meanwhile, the angry forces of a world gone mad draw closer and closer to home.

This book is available in the Free River Press online store here.