MIXED BEANS: Stories from New Mexico, Past and Present

Mixed Beans presents first-hand accounts of life in widely varying New Mexican cultures, spanning the gamut from present-day ranch life in northeast New Mexico to stories of life in Hispanic mountain villages. Mixed Beans also includes narratives by Indians and Anglo artists.

Sections include:

Praise for Mixed Beans :

“Mixed Beans is an unusual and moving book, stitched together from an unlikely source—writing workshops attended largely by older New Mexicans. The budding authors offer up varied glimpses of life reflective of New Mexico’s vanishing folk cultures. Engagingly written and instructive. Highly recommended.”

— Marc Simmons, Historian

“Participants in Bob Wolf’s New Mexico writing workshops have produced diverse, vivid accounts of 20th-century and early 21st-century community and family life in north-central pueblos, villages and towns and the northeastern ranching communities. Their work sounds the same clarion to recognize ordinary lives and ways of life. . . that the New Deal documentation programs fostered across the country, 1933-43. Mixed Beans is a latter-day WPA Federal Writers’ Project/Writers’ Program American Guide.”

— Marta Weigle, UNM Regents Professor, edited New Mexicans in Cameo and Camera: New Deal Documentation of Twentieth-Century Lives, co-authored The Lore of New Mexico, and co-edited Telling New Mexico: A New History