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Our Mission:
To empower individuals understanding the path to social justice lies in simple changes in our daily habits -- what we eat, how and where we obtain it, knowing how it comes to us, the intricate relationship of consumption and disposal -- and to know the profound effect those simple changes have on the world around us. This empowerment is achieved by understanding and following what we are told in 1 John, 4:21: "And this is the word which we have from him, that he who has love for God is to have the same love for his brother."


Back Roads Radio engages listeners in a landscape of compelling stories by writers, storytellers, musicians and community people. Travel down the twists and turns of our human encounters through distinctive voices, set within universal themes. Originating in the year 2000, this half-hour, pre-produced radio series offers listeners a variety of perspectives through oral and aural craft, commentary, narratives, pace and music.


Cultural Energy is a nonprofit organization formed in 2003 to create radio and other media productions for Northern New Mexico. The independent organization was formed to open a production facility and hire staff to train and coordinate volunteers who want to create media voices for youth, arts & activism.


The Land Stewardship Project founded in 1982, is a private, nonprofit organization. The mission of the Land Stewardship Project is to foster an ethic of stewardship for farmland, to promote sustainable agriculture and to develop sustainable communities. The Land Stewardship Project is working to get more farmers on the land raising livestock and crops successfully.


Murray Hudson Antiquarian Books and Maps has over 27,000 items catalogued, covering nearly every area and era. (From 1490's Ptolemaic map, where mountains resemble snakes, to 1780's pocket map in sharkskin case.) The price range is as broad as the inventory. They have unique cartographic (map-related) items for any budget... for every one who cares about antique maps, books, prints and globes. They specialize in collection building for individual antique map, book and print collectors, corporations, museums and research libraries