Free River Press Interns

At present Free River Press is looking for an Internet savvy marketing student or graduate to direct Internet sales.

Current Interns

Bryan Day

Bryan Day is a freelance designer living in the San Francisco bay area. He previously worked as technical director for KPVL radio in Decorah, Iowa. Day is an experimental musician and since 1997 he has been running the independent new music label Public Eyesore.

Carl Cooley

Carl Cooley is an senior at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa majoring in Communication Studies. He volunteers as a DJ at KPVL community radio in Decorah and at KWLC at Luther, where he also works as the recording studio technician. He has found his passion in all things radio, mostly because of the great music and people he discovers through it. Carl is a production editor for FRP's "American Mosaic."