Audio Recordings

Below you will find sound files of authors reading. Many works are from An American Mosaic: Prose and Poetry by Everyday Folk. Click the title to play recordings or right-click and save them to your mp3 player. (An audio plug-in may be required to listen to these audio files.)

"Hunting with Hammerhead," by Murray Hudson, was originally written for his book, Dirt & Duty: How I Came to Love the Land and Loathe Farming, published by Free River Press in 1995 and also appears in appear in the final section of An American Mosaic, "The River and the Delta." Prior to establishing Murray Hudson Antiquarian Books & Maps, Hudson farmed for twelve years on the family farm in west Tennessee. Dirt & Duty is a record of that experience and will appear in its entirety in a forthcoming (but as yet untitled) Free River Press anthology of Mississippi Delta writings. Learn more about Hudson on the staff page or email him at

Hunting with Hammerhead (file size = 408 kilobytes)

All that Bull (file size = 434 kilobytes)

Backside of Bruceville (file size = 306 kilobytes)

Chemicals (file size = 741 kilobytes)

Cotton Chopping (file size = 917 kilobytes)

Folk Knowledge (file size = 455 kilobytes)

May Night (file size = 356 kilobytes)

"My Mississippi Mistress," by Ken Jones, was written in a Free River Press writing workshop in west Tennessee and was first published in An American Mosaic in the final section, "The River and the Delta." It will appear in the forthcoming Free River Press collection of Mississippi Delta writings. Ken Jones is an associate professor of biology at Dyersburg State College and spends much of his free and professional time studying animal life on the Mississippi. He also impersonates Abraham Lincoln (whom he portrays in a one-man show) on his occasional forays north of the Mason-Dixon line. Learn more about Jones at or email him at

My Mississippi Mistress (file size = 1.3 megabytes)